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Starting Anew

Hello All!

Welcome to The Hounds Of Coldwater's new home on the web! This new page, that I am trying to do myself, is bittersweet indeed. For many years, my dear friend Hil Culp designed and managed my webpage and designed all of the graphics and ads for me. Unfortunately we lost Hil in an unfortunate accident in June 2022. So now I am venturing out on my own. I am not tech savvy in any way and definitely do not have a digital graphic or technology background, so please excuse me as I muddle through and learn the ropes.

We have had an exciting year around here! In our personal life, we purchased a new (old) home and moved about 20 miles from Indiana to Michigan. It's old because we purchased my childhood home and farm and are slowly making it ours.

We have also had a fantastic year in the show ring! This was "Peter's" year. We started with the goal of being invited to the National Owner Handled Series Finals in Orlando, Florida in December 2022. Only the top 10 in each breed or variety are invited with the year being from September 2021 to September 2022. I am proud to say we ended the year #5 15" Beagle and will be going to Orlando! We also had many amazing and fantastic wins along the way and exciting times in the center of the ring judging, which I will detail in later posts ...once I get the hang of this thing!

While we did not breed any litters in 2022 we have 3 planned for 2023! So keep any eye out for those announcements too! We are extremely excited about them!

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