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Frequently  Asked.        Questions

We hope this page will help answer some questions for our prospective families. It is designed to answer our most popular questions about Beagles in general and our policies and procedures. 

What is the price of your puppies?

 Our puppies are $2000 USD. It does not matter is the puppy is for 'Show' or 'Companion' the price is the same. It costs us the same to raise each puppy no matter their conformation status. We put the same amount of love and care into each puppy and each puppy leaves here with the same health guarantees. 

What happens if it just doesn't work out with the puppy?

THAT'S FINE! All puppies are sent home with a sales contract that myself and new owners sign. One of the biggest parts is that the puppy/dog be returned to me if things don't work out for ANY REASON. It has and does happen and no judgement is given. We are here for the livelihood of the dog, no matter what. We brought them into this world and will assume lifelong responsibility for them if needed. 

I just want a pet, not a show dog, is that OK? 

YES! In fact, I prefer that! I rarely, if ever sell any of my puppies into 'Show Homes'. I'd rather they live their best lives on your couch. The differences between a show puppy and companion puppy can be very minimal. Now, occasionally I get homes that are willing to let me show their puppy- or want to learn about showing and I'm all for that too! 

What is Limited Registration?

Dogs on limited registration can not be shown in AKC Conformation events. While we sell on Spay/Neuter contracts and have NEVER had a problem with our wonderful owners- Limited Registration is a secondary Safegaurd. If an accidental breeding should occur offspring of dogs on Limited Registration can not get an AKC Certificate. Because your new family member has been deemed a companion, you do not need a Full Registration certificate. 

What's Up with the funny formal names?

AKC has registered names for their dogs, as do horse registries, pig registries, cattle registries etc. It's similar to your full legal name on your birth certificate. This does not apply to what their "call name" or nickname is. We urge you to call your puppy whatever you please! We do give each puppy a name while they are here, but that does not have to stick. It's easier for my family if each puppy has a name, we also like to give each puppy an identity instead of Girl 1 or Boy 2 etc. We welcome you to keep our names or change to your preference. For the registered names, each litter has a theme. We do not mind if you pick a registered name for your puppy with two stipulations- It starts with our kennel name of  Coldwater and sticks to the them. If that is not something you care about we can always pick the name or provide you a list of ideas we have come up with. 

What is the health/vaccination status of our puppy?

We put a lot of time and money into breeding healthy Beagles. It is one thing that we pride ourselves on. Each mother has or is in process to getting her CHIC number. To achieve this a beagle has to pass several tests that the Health and Genetics committee of the National Beagle Club has deemed the post important. They are MLS (genetic condition similar to dawrfism) Hips, Eyes, Heart and Thyroid. We also submit Factor 7 (a hemophilia disorder). Each puppy is genetically tested through Embark for MLS, Factor 7 and over 200 other genetic diseases and condition. Each puppy at the time you take them home will have a minimum of 2, if not 3 sets of vaccinations and dewormed and started on heart worm prevention(and depending on the season flea control)  through our veterinarians protocol. A full report from Embark will be given to you along with a copy for your Veterinarian as well as documentation of vaccination and deworming. 

Why wait on spay/neuter until over a year old?

Another part of our contract is to not spay or neuter your dog until they reach maturity. There are many, many articles on the poor effects of pediatric spay/neuter has on your dog through its livelihood. We are more than happy to provide these for you if you wish. Spaying/Neutering outside of our contract specifications nullifies the health guarantees we give. Genetically your female puppy is likely not expected to have her first heat cycle until over a year anyway. If it does happen before spaying, we are always here to walk you through it. 

Is my puppy crate, house or leash trained? 

NO! We work very very hard on making sure your puppy is the most socially well adjusted puppy possible. But in reality, you will take your puppy home around 12 weeks of age and the most important things at that age are noise desensitization, firm temperament foundation building skills and learning to be good pets. We litter box train all our puppies with great success and it leads to ease in house and crate trained. 

What are you financially responsible for at time of pick up? 

We accept cash/check/paypal (if paying by check we will not complete microchip or registration transfer until cleared by the bank). You are responsible for the purchase price of your puppy and the microchip registration fee. We will register the microchip in your name at the time of pick up and your own credit card can be charged or you can give me the money and I'll use mine. The registration is paid by me and will also be done at the time you pick up your puppy. 

What will your puppy go home with? 

We love sending you home with a packet to set you off on a successful path! We will send you home with your puppy's health information (Embark and Medical), registration and microchip details, beginning training information as well as a blanket that smells like your puppy's siblings to help the first few nights go easier, a leash and collar, a chew toy and packet of puppy food. We raise all our litters on Bil Jac small breed select puppy. We highly recommend this food but it can be difficult to find outside the midwest. We urge you to research the best puppy food for you and are willing to help you decide to make the transition easier. 

Do You Ship?

No, we do not ship our puppies. However, if you are outside of driving distance we do have a solution that has worked well for us. We have puppies in wonderful homes in California, Idaho, Massachusetts and Colorado that have not been able to drive to us. What we will do is fly the puppy in cabin. This requires you to fly to the nearest airport and we will meet you to give you your puppy, put in in a sherpa bag and allow you to fly home. Another possibility is for you to fly me to your nearest airport and then I will fly home. The cost for this is in addition to the purchase price 

Do I get to pick out my own puppy? 

No. We pride ourselves in matching the individual puppy personality with the personalities and needs in your home. We've been doing this for a long time and are very very good at this. We take the time to get to know you and your family so you have the happiest experience with your new puppy and lifelong success with your new best friend. We consider you part of our family when you get a Coldwater puppy and want all the joy for you and your new family member 

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