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Potential Litters Planned for 2023

Our puppies are NOT a business to us - they’re family. We breed responsibly and pay special attention to minimizing the known hereditary diseases by having all our breeding stock health tested under CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) guidelines.  Click on each pairing for more information

We are potentially planning 2-3 litters for 2024. It has been since January of 2021 since we've had a litter born here at Coldwater and we can't be more excited for our anticipated puppies! A lot of factors will play a roll in the breedings we will do, interested homes being a large factor. Across the country we have found that responsible breeders are having a hard time finding perfect homes for their puppies. The second factor will be the timing of the puppies. However we wanted to share with you our anticipate pairings. As always if you are interested, please fill out an application below! 



GCh. Coldwater Stardust Mr. Blue Sky


GChB Starrinite Coldwater Liberty And Justice For All



Meadow Crest's Blue My Mind



Ch. Coldwater Expect The Unexpected


GChB. Shadynook You Oughta Be In Pictures


Coldwater Stardust Goddess Of Victory

Get in touch to find out more about our litters.

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