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Happy New Year, Happy Babies!

Sorry it's been a minute dices I've been able to blog, things have been a bit hectic around here.

My husband and son joined me in Florida and we vacationed after the dog show. We hadn't been to on a vacation in 4 years and it's been 6 since we were in Florida together. Thank you to my friends Nancy Lange and Kelly Leonard for bringing Peter and Ainsley home from Orlando and boarding them while we were gone. I am a pet person first, I love my dogs. So it was very, very stressful for me deciding what to do with them while we vacationed. Those two are as close to my heart as any others. I've known Kelly over 20 years and Nancy a good while, so both of them being Hound people (Otterhounds and American Foxhounds) I knew they knew all the hounds quirks that Beagles possess. They put me at ease so we could enjoy our family time.

We did 2 theme parks outside of "Disney". Universal Studios and Universal Studios Island of Adventure. They were fantastic and we enjoyed them immensely. We also did 2 Disney parks we hadn't done before Animal Kingdom and Epcot. I'm hard pressed to pick a favorite. It was 4 busy and crammed days though- I think next time we will put a R&R day in the middle someplace. We were concerned about the Winter storm headed to the midwest and east coast, but decided not to let it alter our travel plans. So when we checked out of the hotel- we decided to show Cael the Atlantic Ocean. It'd been many years since I'd been so I wanted to go too. While we only stayed about 30 minutes, I think it was my favorite part of the trip. Memories were definitely made! The drive home- that was another story! We made it from Cocoa Beach to Barrea, Kentucky before we stopped for the night. About an hour before we stopped- the temperature was rapidly dropping and while both Tim and I are experienced winter drivers- many in the south and lower mid west were not. We made it home on the 23rd, despite slow going we were able to pick the dogs up and make it home.

We were luckily able to make it to Christmas Eve Children's mass with our family, but unfortunately Coronavirus struck us on Christmas Day so we missed celebrating with our family, but enjoyed the day together. I'd say we enjoyed an extra week off of work- but we did not- being sick stunk. But thankfully that's behind us and hopefully our immune systems are tightened for a little while.

On Saturday January 7, 2023 we welcomed our most recent Beagle litter. This litter was highly anticipated because it's a culmination of a breeding program for me. 26 years of starts, stops and do-overs, I'm finally where I want to be, happy with the conformation, health and temperament of my dogs. We always grow, learn and change- but I love the direction my breeding program is going and this litter ties it all together for me. It was made extra special by it being my first "Rainbow" litter- because it contains the 3 popular beagle colors. We got 3 boys - a bi color, a dilute and a black try as well as 2 girls - a bi color and a dilute. I simply can not wait to watch them grow and I am in love already! We do have some availability- so If you are looking for a puppy- please get ahold of me.

As with all breeders- no loss is easy. We were so excited to confirm Chili's pregnancy while I was gone, but sadden to confirm suspicions today that she reabsorbed the litter at some point. This was Chili's last attempt and will now be spayed and live the house dog life on couches.

I am and have been working very had on getting the website finished! Hopefully within in the next few weeks, we'll get there. In the mean time, keep an eye on our facebook page (Hounds Of Coldwater), Instagram (coldwater_beagles) , Twitter (Hounds Of Coldwater) and TikTok (ColdwaterBeagles) for all sorts of fun updates. Keep in mind, I'm not techie at all and learning all the new platforms, while fun, is a bit intimidating!

All of us here hopes your new year is going smoothly and you are making dreams happen!

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