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NOHS Finals-AKC National Championship- Orlando

Wow-it seems crazy to think back about 14 months ago. In September for 2021 I decided I was going to campaign Peter in hopes of being invited to the NOHS Finals in December of 2022. What I didn't know then was that AKC had moved the dates of qualification from October 2021-October 2022 to September to September. I didn't find this out until mid to end of October so we had missed out on about 6 weeks of shows we would have entered- and at least 3 weekends for sure. But we started out with a bang in Ft. Wayne with his first NOHS Group 1 and it blossomed from there. Now I sit in my hotel in Orlando, the night before the competition and I'm a big bundle of nerves. Peter and I have been a team from the moment he was born, when I revived him from certain death- and we bonded immediately. While I've been invited to the NOHS finals with other dogs in the past, I can't imagine coming down for the first time and competing with any dog other than Peter. There are 4 HIGH QUALITY and different type 15" Beagle males entered tomorrow with only 1 winner. We will try are hardest and like any show- the only thing I ask is Peter show well for me. Win, Loose or Draw- I get to take the best dog home. Then on Saturday- we get to show to breeder - judge Patty Keenan. Who along with her mother were Wishing Well Beagles and owned one of my all time favorite Beagle girls- Ch. Lanbur Love Notes "Janet". There are 37 15" Beagles and 18 13" Beagles entered- the top dogs in both varieties. It will be both fun and exciting even if we don't bring home a ribbon. We can hope because DREAMS DO COME TRUE! Judge Keenan will also pick Best Bred By Exhibitor of all the entries- and this is the one I'm hoping to win most with Peter. I can not with Ainsley as we didn't breed her. Keep an eye out for updates. In the mean time we are greatly enjoying the Florida weather and our lovely hotel. On Saturday Tim and Cael will join me and we'll get to vacation for a few days.

This is all possible because of my best friend and co-breeder Brooke watching the dogs we left behind. On top of just watching them- She was able to take Chili to the vet to confirm her pregnancy. So we will be blessed with not 1 but 2 litters of Beagle Babies in the new year! We still have openings on our waiting list!

Peter and Ainsley have been great travel companions the 2 days on the road and today just tooling around. Please enjoy a few snap shots I've taken so far while being in Orlando.

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