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Accidental On Purpose Champion

Champions, Puppies, New Jobs, Orlando ....oh my!

I'm sorry it has been a little while since our last post, it's been a little hectic around here! We (Tim, Cael and Erin) enjoyed hosting Thanksgiving here for our friends and family. It's always a joyous time for us to be so thankful for our blessings. My family is so supportive of my dog showing and breeding that it's just normal for us. I couldn't imagine not being able to pursue my passion because those that I Iove, didn't understand. I am truly blessed by the best husband, son, mom and dad..they help the dogs and I every day. In preparation for our last local all breed dog show of the year, I logged on to my account at with the American Kennel Club to verify points for Jordan and London who were entered. Low and behold, I discovered that due to a mathematics error in calculating points that London finished her CHAMPIONSHIP after the Ft. Wayne and Kalamazoo shows in November. So, she didn't need to show in East Lansing (GO GREEN!). Because of that, I was able to focus on Jordan, who needed 3 single points. I am THRILLED to announce that Jordan finished her championship by winning "winners bitch (female)" and "best of winners" both Friday and Saturday. On Friday it was a show for hounds only, not all breeds. As a special competition they had "Best Bred By Exhibitor" group. So the only dogs (of all the hound breeds) that could compete were the ones that were shown by their breeders and won in their breed. I am proud Jordan won 15" Beagle Bred By Exhibitor and then went on to win a Bred By Exhibitor Group 2. It was very exciting to me as a breeder this year to finish 2 sets of littermate sisters. While 4 champions is not a huge number in a year, I didn't really intend to finish any of them, I was focused on specialing Peter and Ainsley. But the quality of the girls couldn't be denied. And, I've never finished 2 pairs of littermate that are very closely related to each other in a very short amount of time (Sept, Nov, Dec). Now they get to hang around a little until they grow up more to finish their grand championship. I am very tickled to announce that Betty has been confirmed pregnant with her litter due early January. WE HAVE ROOM ON OUR WAITING LIST! The little Bagel Bites will be here before we know it! Chili will go for her ultrasound on 12/14 and we will know the status of her possible pregnancy then. To add in everything else going on, I added a new job to the mix. My husband Tim and I own a Concrete leveling business, while this is not new, I have been very hands off as my passion has always been in human and veterinary medicine. But, we found ourselves in need of new management in the office and since I hadn't been working since by last boss retired -I decided because my skill set is in office management - that I'd give it a go. There's lots to be done, but I am up for the challenge. Luckily I wasn't planning a lot in terms of showing in 2023, so I can focus my time there. Also luckily I can work from home almost as efficiently as in the shop, so when puppies arrive, I can still give them the utmost attention, love and care. I can not believe it's almost the end of the year. I leave for Orlando on 12/13. I started working towards the goal of the Owner Handled Finals in October 2021 and it seems so unreal the the culmination of all are hard work will be here next week. Our end result will be up to one judge but Peter and I will fight like heck and do the best we can to impress him. The next day is a new show, a new judge in the AKC National Championships. I am excited to have a breeder-judge that I've long admired. As a junior she owned and handled one of my all time favorite Beagles "Janet" Ch. Lanbur Love Notes. I have both Peter and Ainsley entered with hopes we may catch her eye. The best of the best in dogs and handlers will be present. I'll try to update the Hounds of Coldwater facebook page while I'm away. If you could all send us positive vibes and prayers on 12/16 and 12/17 I'd appreciate it! After that, Tim, Cael and I are planning a little vacation to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios for a few days. We haven't had a family vacation since 2018! I HOPE to update before the new year and puppies arrive, but if not--- MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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