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A Labor Of Love

Thank You all for being patient with me on the building of this site. I took a few days off with the building of it...mostly due to frustration. Not being technologically inclined, I find it's often the situation of one step forward and then five steps back. I find myself causing myself issues and redoing my work more frequently than not. But, just ask my husband, I am nothing if not tenacious! So while it will not be done in a timely fashion, it's a labor of love (much like dog breeding) and I will complete what I set my mind too. Probably, just about the time it will be due to be changed or updated lol.

Happy Birthday to ME! Thank you all for my birthday wishes. I couldn't remember my age this year. Turns out most of the year I've been telling people that I'm 43 and that was wrong...I'm 43 today lol. I'm feeling it though. The week after I turned 16, my mom and I drove up to Sand Lake, Michigan to visit a litter of Beagle puppies. In that litter was a pretty, ,spunky little female that won my heart. I called her "Abby" but she was Am/Can Ch J and L's Hearts Desire. She really was what my heart desired, a 13" tri color female with a big white collar that loved to show. She was my start to this way of life. I lost her in 2009 also in early November. The picture below is our last time in the ring together at SNYBC (in conjunction with NBC) in 2004, I often wish I knew then what I know now. So every year around now, I always think about my pretty Abby girl. This year, while I'll always reminisce about the past, I'm excited about the future! "Betty" (Ch. Coldwater's Daring Design At Anchorbay) came into season, so we will proceed with the progesterone testing and all the steps that go along with breeding a litter. I won't know for about 40ish days until I know if Betty will be giving me little belated birthday presents. Fingers crossed as this litter has extreme sentimental value to me and I am very excited at the prospect! Keep an eye out for news on that front later!

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