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Ribbons, Puppies, ACHEW!

We had a full and exciting week in Ft. Wayne, Indiana at the 'Old Fort Cluster' of dog shows. It's a hard 4 days especially when you enter 5 dogs. YES! 5 dogs! I don't know what I was thinking when entries closed, but I know I couldn't have managed it without my friends helping me handle and wrangle all these dogs! After Thursday, I left Ainsley home to be fair to specifically Peter, but other dogs too since she was in heat and ovulated so would be bothersome to the boys. Lil Bit won 2 points brining her to 13 points both majors, just needing 2 points to finish her title. Jordan won back-to-back 3 point majors bringing her total to 12 points 3 majors needing just 3 points to finish her title. London was our surprise girl! Entering the weekend she only had 2 singles and she left with 9 points, both majors including one being a 4 pointer going BOS over a grand champion female. I couldn't be more pleased with the girl I thought I'd never finish! My girls swept all 4 majors available and 3/4 of the major reserves. The sister's killed it! Peter had a darn good weekend himself! He was Best of Variety 2/4 days and Select dog the other 2 with NOHS BOV all 4. In the 'big rings' he earned a pull in a very strong variety group as well as an NOHS Group 1 and 2. That boy just loves to show and I'm so glad he sometimes gets rewarded for the lovely dog he is. We are off to Kalamazoo, Michigan for 5 days of shows there with Lil Bit, Ainsley, London and Peter- hopefully to had more titles and points toward titles.

When we left the house Saturday morning we had two girls in the midst of their heat cycles and came home to have two more join them. 4 girl in heat is a little crazy! Poor Peter...the lone boy in the 'house of hormones.' Ainsley is almost done with her cycle and Nike and Chili just started so it will be a long 3 weeks. Betty was successfully bred to Mackey so we hope to have puppies in the new year. We will do an ultrasound in 30-35 days to confirm. So keep your fingers crossed for us! We have NO ONE on our wait list!! So if you have been thinking of adding a well bred beagle to your life- please fill out an application! We were also planning to breed both Nike and Chili- but since they all decided to cycle together- we will breed Nike in addition to Betty and Chili will have to wait. She's a regular girl, so we will breed her in the late summer. Keep an eye out for more information on Nike as we will be starting her journey with progesterone starting on Saturday.

I have a cold. I hate being sick. I just don't have time for such nonsense. But I'm glad its not Covid. I hope to be better to show my dogs at the end of the week- luckily its another close show. Luckily Tim has loaded me up on throat drops, puffs, orange juice and soup. He's even taken over potty-ing dogs so I can sleep a little more. I'm a lucky gal!

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